Papa S(non-registered)
Humans were created to appreciate the work of God. She gave you your gift so that Her work would be immortalized through and past the deathly hands of time. You've slipped into my mind stories and memories that I've never actually known with the beauty of each moment you capture. Your pictures are a blessing to everyone who shares these moments of yours, please don't ever bring haste to your calling. Thank you for the experiences
Scott Lowry(non-registered)
You are a fine citizen (and caretaker) of this planet Lauren. I can see your passion and values shine through in the work that you do. It goes without saying that you are an asset to the Human race. I wish there were 6 Billion people who were more like you. Keep it up!
Jim Zastrow(non-registered)
Beautiful Beautiful! What else can I say Lauren.Your work is amazing! The photography is fantastic and your words are so poetic.Thank you for sharing your world
Phil Hines(non-registered)
Your going to make a name for yourself. Great Job.
Nice job
Mommy ll(non-registered)
makes me feel serene inside when I look at your photography. It is work from the heart
Ana Ali(non-registered)
Thank you for this great site. will be ordering some of the stuff next season. look like good quality. | | | | |
Gerry Maier(non-registered)
Great work, Lauren! Keep it up.
Nick's mom(non-registered)
Lauren, you have an amazing eye! Hold on to your dream of getting around the world with your camera in hand! Thanks for sharing your creative genius through your website!
Eric Hoelzl(non-registered)
You told me to check this out a while ago and I all I can say is that I wish I would have come sooner! You have a gift. No doubt in that! Keep it up :)
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