In order for a nice photograph to happen, a lot of tiny little things must come together first. The timing, the location, the weather, the subject, and, most importantly of all; you have to be there. 

That’s what photography is for me; being there. 

It’s a tool that I use to interact with the world in an intentional way. Without the reminder of the camera to slow down and be patient, it’s far too easy to rush through life without ever really seeing how beautiful it can be.

I grew up outside. The extreme seasons of Wisconsin lend themselves to a number of outdoor activities and I’ve been recording that time outside since I was ten. Since those early days, I’ve lived in Colorado, Oregon, New Zealand, Australia, Montana, and currently, Alaska. With each move, I’m struck anew by a whole set of different creative challenges and endless rewards. My photography has evolved with every mountain I’ve climbed, every lake I’ve swum, and every “ow wow” moment I’ve had around the world, but I’ll forever credit the start of it all to those Midwest adventures. 

Photography is a gift, far more for the photographer than anyone viewing the end result. Being able to see the world as an ever-evolving opportunity for a photograph makes it a very beautiful place to live. Being able to share that sight, even if just a fraction of it, is a precious perk. 

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