Lauren Maier

167 Lincoln St. Apt. #02 Ashland, Oregon 97520 – (262)-719-5746[email protected]


Southern Oregon University; Ashland, Oregon

Bachelor of Science in Anthropology, expected June of 2018

Relevant courses: Global Environmental Movements, Sustainability in Outdoor Programing, Social Activism, Ethnographic Research Methods, Minimal Impact Adventuring, Cultural Ecology

Senior Capstone: The Impact of Outdoor Adventure Education on Personal and Professional Growth at Southern Oregon University


Noble Coffee Roasting; Ashland, Oregon

            Marketing Manager/Barista, 2017-present

               § A team member of the most awarded coffee roaster in the country

               § Balances 36+ hour work week with full college schedule

               § Committed to long-term, skill-heavy barista training

               § Establish rapport quickly with a diverse clientele and long-term client relationship with regular guests

                § Design and manage publications, newsletters, social media, in-house design, and data analysis

Great Harvest Bread Company; Delafield, Wisconsin

            Service/Baker/Barista, 2013-2017

                § Collaborated with a small team of six to operate multiple areas of the bakery simultaneously

                § Trained new employees to the high standards of the bakery

                § Redesigned and photographed for the Great Harvest Delafield website (


Carolyn Rennie, COO of Noble Coffee Roasting

Jon Rasmussen, Owner of Great Harvest Bread Company

Chad Thatcher, PhD, Professor of Outdoor Adventure Leadership at Southern Oregon University

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